“Well, he’s out of surgery and is doing great.” The news hit Alyssa’s ears like a thousand trumpets from heaven.  She was so worried about Steven after he’d fell off the ladder, his arm bent up in ways she couldn’t stomach to think about.

“Oh my gosh. Thank you doctor! I was so worried.” Tears of joy began to stream down her face. She had thought for sure he might have been a goner.  And it was her fault. She had pestered and screamed at him to get up there and clean the gutters. Steve protested numerous times, saying he wasn’t fond of heights and maybe they should call in professionals.

The doctor looked at her inquisitively, not sure of what to make of her scrunched up face as she reminisced about the argument earlier in the day.

“Anyways-,” he continued, “He is awake and as I said the surgery went well. He should be right as rain in a few months with some rehab.”

“Awesome!” Alyssa couldn’t help but jump up and down.

“Yeah, I mean he’s happy and awake. For a guy who just lost his arm he’s-” Before the doctor could finish, Alyssa immediately lost her smile, a face of anger boiling up.

“What do you mean, arm? You said he was right as rain.” Her hands were at her hips, the same way as when her and Steve would get into a tussle.

“Well, he’ll live, Mrs. Dresdin. But the arm was mangled. It had to go.”

The next thing the doctor saw was Alyssa fall back, passed out on the hospital floor.

C’mon- Nothing is FREE 

I know what you’re thinking. What the heck? I could use a FREE credit report or a thirty day supply of that new fabulous shampoo I can’t buy in stores. No risk to me. Its FREE!

Didn’t your mother ever tell you, “NOTHING IN LIFE IS FREE?” Library books aren’t free (taxes). Shipping isn’t free (price is in the product) and trials usually aren’t free.

Just recently the Better Business Bureau released its top scams and guess what? The number one “gotcha” on the list? Free Trials. One after another. Without naming names (you know who you are, shame on you) every single one of these companies, which sold everything under the sun, had fine print buried deep within their completely unreadable “terms and conditions” with HUGE charges, ridiculous return fees, impossible to figure out cancel dates and even being signed up for “sister” products for a small fee! Outrageous!

The word “free” generally comes at a price. Here’s a few quick tips on how to keep a better eye out for these types of games:

  • TRUST THE SOURCE – If you know the name of the company (or have dealt with them before) and they are offering some type of free trial, the deal is as it says it is. Bigger companies tend to give away free samples or trials to people all the time.
  • THEY ARE A COMPANY, NOT THE CIA – If a company wants everything from your social security number, to your checking account, first born, credit score and more (you get the idea) that smells like a scam. Companies generally want your money and an address to ship the stuff. ‘Nuff said.
  • OMG, I WON AN IPAD! – No, you didn’t. Or a house. Or a boat. Free samples (or trial offers) are not the company giving their pants away. If it sounds over the top amazing, it isn’t. Hit the x button on the top right of your browser. And for God’s sake, get some malware protection – FAST!
  • YOUR SIXTH SENSE IS RINGING – Okay, they SEEM okay. But something is just off. Maybe the deal is a bit too sweet. Maybe they asked for a little bit too much information. Maybe – maybe – your gut is right. If anything is bothering you at all about the trial offer your thinking of partaking in and you can’t get a satisfying answer, don’t sign up.

One minute all is right with the world and the next, you’ve got someone who was telling you all the wonderful things you wanted to hear, telling you the truth about what you signed up for.  If you feel faint, I have a “free trial you might want to try.


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