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Mobile Device Safety

I’m not proud of myself.  Really, I’m not.  Technology shouldn’t have so much power over me, right?  I don’t spout such language often.  Especially in public and in the absence of physical pain.  But my fuse had grown unrecognizably short and that was my last straw.

The screen on my Android phone went haywire (for the umpteenth time), turned an ominous shade of red and then…black.  Nothing.  It wouldn’t turn on, wouldn’t do anything.  I glanced up to find a gray-haired grandmotherly type shaking her head at me subtly and giving me that look of disappointment I’m sure my own grandmother would have given me if she’d have witness my verbal tirade.

I hung my head in shame, took a deep breath and made a beeline for my wireless provider’s hub of all things cell phone.  After all, my phone is my connection to the world.  I check and send emails, use it for social media and even shop online with it.  Why else would I be spewing obscenities at it in public when it went MIA on me?

What I learned at the hub was a bit eye-opening.  I had thought of my cell phone as a miniature version of my computer before, but it never really occurred to me that it was just as susceptible to viruses and spyware as my laptop.  However, Johnny Techno (that’s what I am calling the guy from tech support.  Go with it.  It’s more interesting than John), informed me that as smartphones and tablets grow in popularity, so do threats that exclusively target mobile devices. Read more