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“Well, he’s out of surgery and is doing great.” The news hit Alyssa’s ears like a thousand trumpets from heaven.  She was so worried about Steven after he’d fell off the ladder, his arm bent up in ways she couldn’t stomach to think about.

“Oh my gosh. Thank you doctor! I was so worried.” Tears of joy began to stream down her face. She had thought for sure he might have been a goner.  And it was her fault. She had pestered and screamed at him to get up there and clean the gutters. Steve protested numerous times, saying he wasn’t fond of heights and maybe they should call in professionals.

The doctor looked at her inquisitively, not sure of what to make of her scrunched up face as she reminisced about the argument earlier in the day.

“Anyways-,” he continued, “He is awake and as I said the surgery went well. He should be right as rain in a few months with some rehab.”

“Awesome!” Alyssa couldn’t help but jump up and down.

“Yeah, I mean he’s happy and awake. For a guy who just lost his arm he’s-” Before the doctor could finish, Alyssa immediately lost her smile, a face of anger boiling up. Read more


He looked back at the sinking ship, as arms flailed about in the water.  It was freezing.  Fernando’s body was shivering at the extreme temperature.  Just minutes earlier, he was sitting on the deck of his yacht, drinking a martini and enjoying the cool Alaskan breeze across his face.

It had happened suddenly, a crash and twisted sound of metal against rock.  The ship wasn’t built to withstand the cruel power of stone and it quickly wilted under such pressure.  Fernando spotted a floating piece of debris nearby and decided his best shot was to swim for it.  He spit another mouthful of salt water from his lips and made like the wind for the makeshift raft that was once a door.

Suddenly Fernando noticed something moving in the water near him. He shook his head to clear his burning eyes, not sure if he was imagining it.  Soon he realized, his mind was in no mood for tricks. That was a fin. A BIG FIN. Read more


“If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it’s a dang duck.” That’s what my father used to always say to me. And I always believed him- until I married Steve that is.  When we had first met, it was love at first sight. Brains as powerful as a supercomputer and a body that would make Henry Cavil jealous.

It wasn’t until after we tied the knot and I had agreed to be his ’til death do us part’ that the real man began to emerge from the shadows. Every day, when I came home from work, he was playing video games, watching sports or taking one of coveted naps he claimed he always needed.

Where was this behavior when I had met him? Hell, where was it when we had dated and the lazy bum was courting me? At first I brushed it off, dropping little hints. Read more

Free Trials – NOT so Free

I had (finally) gotten around to sitting down for what was sure to be an hour long session of bank reconciliations. I  had my highlighter, my calculator and a high dose of caffeine readily available. After carefully putting my statements in order, I began my line by line perusal only to notice a recurring payment that I had no earthly recollection of authorizing.  I, semi-frantically, went through each statement.  Sure enough, there it was on every one.

$74.95 for three months straight. What the…? Read more